Your hand painted press on nails will come in a set of 10 (sizes known) or a set of 24 (sizes unknown). In order to purchase the cheaper option of a set of 10, you must know your sizes so please order a sample pack beforehand. Your sample pack will be sent to you so that you can fit yourself at home and then order your nail sets when you're ready.

When you add an order to your basket you will be asked to select your nail shape and length of choice. Different lengths and shapes can be seen at the bottom of this page.

All nails are topped with a gel top coat to ensure endurance and longevity.

Cruelty Free.

Can be reused depending on wear and tear. 


Your press on nails are hand painted and made to order so please allow 5 to 14 business days before dispatch.

Instructions on how to apply, remove and care for your press ons will be provided for with each order. Nail glue and nail tab recommendations will be provided with instructions. 

Due to postage restrictions, nail glue can only be purchased by UK residents. 


Press on nails only damage your natural nails through improper removal so please follow the instructions carefully. Application of your press on nails should last for up to 7-10 days, After this please remove, reapply or replace after this to avoid build up of moisture under the press on. Press ons should never be forced off. For a more temporary application use nail tabs. 

For shipping information check:

If you have any questions, requests for custom designs or for further information, check our FAQs page or please get in touch.


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